rrerge (Cj ab) -> cab, acb, abc

cumasc (c, ba) -> cba, bca, bac


Algorithm: Use a recursive algorithm. Create all the permeability of the cable by "cutting"

the last character and generating al  cracking the coding interview: 189 programming questions and solutions  the permeability s [1 ... n-1]. Then insert s [n] into each

the location of the cable.


NOTE: Basic case and construction algorithms often result in natural recursive algorithms.




Description: This is hacky, but it often works. Just run a list of data structures and

try applying all of them.


Example: Numbers are randomly generated and stored in an array (expanding). how

Would you watch the median?


Data storm classification:


"Linked list? Lists that are not linked to access and sort are probably not working well

ing numbers.


"Edit? Maybe, but you already have a set. Could you keep the elements somehow?

edited? It is probably expensive. We will hold on to this and come back to it if necessary.


»A binary tree? This is possible, since binary trees work fine in order. In fact, if the

a binary search tree is perfectly balanced, perhaps the top is the median. But be careful, if so

there are an equal number of elements, the median is actually the middle

two aspects. The two elements in the middle cannot be at the top. Probably

viable algorithm, but let's get back to it.


"Steel? Placing basic orders and keeping an eye on the highs and lows is a very good stack. SEO

really cool - if i had two stacks i could keep track of the bigger half

and the smallest half of the elements. The larger half is kept in a mini heap, therefore

the root has the smallest element in the largest half. The smaller half is kept to the maximum

stack, so that the root has the largest characteristic of the smallest half. Now with these

data structures, has the potential median elements at the roots. If the batteries

no longer the same size, you can quickly "rebalance" the batteries by choosing an item

from one pile and push it over the other.


Keep in mind that the more problems you do, the better instinct you will develop about the data.

structure to implement.

If you are lucky enough to receive an offer (and you will receive it!), Congratulations! Maybe you are now

emphasizes the offer to accept and all that fun stuff, so remember that most likely

all your options are great and you will be happy with any of them.


As long as you offer, well, we could tell you that money is not that important and so bla

blah blah ... but let's go and let you make your own decision about what's important.

tance money. We have other tips for you.





It is always negotiable! Okay, maybe not always, but normally an offer is even negotiable

a recruiter tells you otherwise. It helps to have a competitive offer. But don't lie - Microsoft

Google knows what Google offers, so it won't be realistic if you do numbers. In addition, the technology

Ogy is a small world and people talk. Be honest.


What is money really like?



Consider the entire offer package. Many companies will have good wages, but few

annual bonuses. Other companies will have huge annual bonuses, but lower wages. Do

be sure to see the full package (salary, signing bonus, health care benefits, promotions, annual

bonus, relocation, stock, promotion, etc). It is very confusing and it is often unclear what

company that offers more.


What about your career choices?



Even if money is the most important thing, consider the long-term career. If you're lucky

If you have multiple offerings to choose from, consider the impact each will have on your long-term career.

It may be the company with the lowest salary but where you will learn the most

move, even financially.


I can't give you a magic formula to offer a calculation that I accept, but this is what I want

Suggest an idea (in any particular order):


»Promotion opportunity: Do you prefer to go to management or do you prefer

become an increasingly senior developer?


»Money and benefits - Of course, money matters (but if you're early in your career, yes

it probably doesn't matter much). As mentioned above, make sure you have an overall look